Job Descriptions for the Kingston Garden Club


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Vice President




Standing Committees:




E-mail and Telephone

Ways and Means


Special Projects:

Aloha Wright Grants

Arbor Day and Community Beautification

Blanche Gray Garden Shows


Fourth of July

May Plant Sale


Special Assignments:



Design of the Day Coordinator



Hostess Coordinator




Yearbook Editor/Producer






  • Prepare agenda and preside over meetings
  • Be Ex-officio member of all committees except Nominating Committee
  • Serve on Budget Committee
  • Be a member of the Board as Past president
  • Appoint chairs of the Standing Committees if not filled
  • Be a liaison with community groups



The presidency is really about two basic things: providing leadership to help the club progress toward and achieve goals, and running efficient business meetings.


The leadership part of the job involves a lot of delegation. The bylaws say that the president appoints chairpersons for all of the committees except the Nominating Committee. In practice, many of the chairpersons serve for a number of years, so the need to recruit new chairpersons is limited in any given year. Once headed up by a chairperson, each of the committees runs itself to a large extent. The president needs to know the function of each committee so that new business can be directed to the appropriate (logical) committee. Just look at the other job descriptions to find out what the work of each committee is. The president should help facilitate communication within and between committees as appropriate. The president should know what the various committees are working on, and check progress if necessary. The bylaws also say that the president may call meetings of the Executive Board which consists of the officers and certain committee chairpersons. In practice, much of what would traditionally be done in an Executive Board meeting is accomplished these days through exchanges of e-mails. Typically, the president may initiate such an exchange of e-mails with Executive Board members when new ideas need to be considered or when problems need trouble shooting. All of this is easier than it sounds. Essentially, the president will get e-mails between meetings,  and s/he needs to respond to them and to make sure the right (logical) people are getting copies.


Running efficient business meetings, ideally no longer than 60 minutes, involves some familiarity with Robert’s Rules of Order. If you have attended a few of our business meetings, you pretty much know them. If you become the president, an hour spent reviewing the Rules would not hurt; they are actually quite user friendly. It’s very helpful to have an agenda for each meeting prepared ahead of time to give you an idea how much time can be spent on any given topic. Committee chairpersons who will need floor time can be encouraged to let you know that a few days before a meeting so that you include them in your agenda. One key to running smooth meetings harkens back to knowing the functions of the committees. Committee chairpersons should keep the general membership informed of what they are doing, but the nuts and bolts of committee work and decision making should be done in committee and not during general meetings. The president should ask certain committees, or individuals on an ad hoc basis, to handle matters that are too cumbersome for a general meeting, and to later inform the group of progress.


The job of president comes with a huge “perk”. You’ll get to know your fellow club members much better and make some fast friends by the end of your term.




Vice President










Create a budget for the incoming year.  This process includes the board members and other members that are pertinent to the new budget.  This is normally done in June or July, since the year ends in June.  Present the new budget to the membership for approval in August.  Get a copy to the Yearbook Editor as soon as possible.



Change signatures at the bank for the checking account.  The club wants two people to be able to sign checks. Normally, it is the Treasure and the President.




Reconcile the checkbook.


Collect and make deposits from the meetings, which include dues, coffee money, and ways and means money.  Each is tracked separately.


Write and distribute checks for accounts payable.  This can include reimbursement for money spent by members, such as copies and supplies on different projects.  Pay the monthly rent and guest speakers.  Any excessive or new expense not in the budget needs to be approved by the club.


Report the bank balance at each meeting.  Also, report the cost and profit of special projects. Get members approval on disbursement of donations for Winter holidays, 4th of July, and Aloha Wright Grant.




File an annual report with the Secretary of State by December.  Forms are normally sent to the last Treasurer and the current filing fee is a $10.00. You can do this online. We are a non-profit organization, check the limit for filing a Federal Tax Return Form 990, currently we are not required to file. 



Remind Blanche Gray chairman to collect PTA reimbursements. They are currently $75.00 per school.



Secure the Kingston Community Building for the plant sale once the date has been set. Request forms are sent to the Kitsap County Facilities, Parks, and Recreation.  This was done by October.

Have $100.00 in change ready for the sale, quarters and ones primarily. Take an early deposit to the bank by noon, so that we do not have too much money on site.



Collect dues of all members and create membership roster. Provide roster list to the following:  all Board members, Yearbook Editor, Hospitality Chair, Sunshine Chair, Email and Telephone Chair.  As new members join, send out an amended list to all of the above.

Presently the dues are $15.00 per person and $25.00 per couple. For those people joining after the first of the year, the dues are reduced to $10.00 per person.








The purpose of the Publicity committee is to generate Kingston Garden Club News that will keep members apprised of club activities and attract new members.


Monthly duties:


By the 15th of each month, send a news release to the editor of the Kingston Community News on the meeting for the upcoming month. Send to


At lest one week for the meeting date send a news release to the North Kitsap Herald.


The news release should contain the name of the speaker and the topic for the meeting. The date, time and place of the meeting should also be given with a contact name and phone number for questions and driving directions. It should be written in a friendly inviting manner with an invitation for new members to attend.


Save copies of any of the articles and photos that appear in the papers.


Special Events duties


August Send news releases to both papers giving the dates and times of the Blanche Gray Garden shows held in September. Also have the club photographer forward a digital file with a photo from last years Blanche Gray Garden show. This is also a good time to review club history and include a quote from the new president. If there is a special program to kick off the first meeting of the season, publicize that along with any special programs or speakers that are scheduled for the upcoming year.


March- arrange for an article in the Kingston community news when they do their annual Garden edition in April. This article can include the history of the club, a list of the clubs activities, and information on the upcoming plant sale in May.


March- Let both newspapers know about the projects planned for Arbor Day. Usually this is a day of weeding and clean up by Garden club members. Also include some history on Arbor Day.


April Generate articles on the upcoming plant sale. Make sure both newspapers know the date and time. Also contact the owners of the 3 reader boards in town and see if they will publicize the plant sale date and time. Reader boards are located at

v Kingston Cove Coldwell Banker Realty

v Kingston Thriftway

v Kingston Lumber


May Provide an article to both papers summarizing the accomplishments of the Kingston Garden Club during the past year. This is a good time to emphasize the Aloha Wright Scholarship Fund and publicize the scholarship program. Its nice to include a photo of the newly elected officers and also one of the scholarship recipients. 


June- Publicize the annual Kingston Garden club picnic and remind members that there is no meeting in July. Check to see if there is any interest in creating a float or display for the Fourth of July parade.








Be aware of reports of sickness. Send get well cards as appropriate.


Be aware of reports of death of spouse or other close relatives. Send sympathy cards as appropriate.


Be aware of “Happy” events in member’s lives. Send congratulatory cards as appropriate.


At monthly meetings, or as directed by the KGC President, make report of activities.


Keep record of expenses and report to KGC Treasurer with copy to President and Secretary, frequency of report as directed by President, or as otherwise stated in the bylaws.


Note that awareness depends upon timely notification by KGC members of events requiring action by the Sunshine Chairperson or Committee.




E-Mail and Telephone


Job Description:

Meeting announcement

Receive input from President and Program chairman by the 2nd week of the month

Send out meeting announcement on the 2nd Wednesday

Include: meeting place and time, program and speaker, reminders about ways and means, show and tell, and food bank, plus any time sensitive material.


Receive minutes electronically from secretary and submit with monthly announcement

(usually done as a text file for the membership rather than a download)

Email Lists

Announcement sent out via 5 member lists.

Update lists as new members enter. Name usually sent by membership person.

Send verification letter to new member to welcome and make sure email address is correct.


From time to time send out reminder notices for upcoming events such as Arbor Day, Blanche Gray, etc.





Ways and Means


The responsibilities of this chairperson is to encourage members to bring plants or other garden related items to the monthly meeting for sale to members during the meeting. A table must be set up, items displayed, money collected and given to the Treasurer at the end of the meeting, and the table and leftover items put away. The chairperson announces the amount in the Ways and Means budget at each meeting, and the money is used to purchase items to sale to members or to support other club activities as needed/requested. 






Aloha Wright Grants


The Kingston Garden Club has established the Aloha Wright Grant Program to honor one of our most dedicated members. This program recognizes her commitment to provide opportunities to students, educators and the community to join us in promoting our club’s objectives.  These grants will be awarded in two general categories:

                 • Special Projects – Community beautification, environmental improvements with long-term civic impact

                 • Educational Assistance – Text books, software, supplies, tools, etc. to facilitate learning experiences for individuals and classrooms




Arbor Day and Community Beautification

The purpose of this committee is to work on projects that would enhance the beauty of outdoors Kingston. This is to be done with members at large of the Kingston Garden Club and/or to work in conjunction with other Kingston community organizations that have similar beautification goals. The desired work is recognized, a date is set to do the work, sign up sheets are passed at the meeting and the work is done at the designated site. Typically, the date is in April in honor of Arbor Day. To date, projects undertaken are tree plantings, plantings of a new garden at the Community Center and the weeding of public areas along the roadsides in Kingston.




Blanche Gray Garden Shows




            February:  Make sure there are seeds for distribution, contact schools and set dates for fall.  Jim McCann of Burpee seeds has been generous with seed donations.  Send him a letter and follow up thank you.

            April:  Distribute seeds with flyer announcement for schools to copy and send home with students.

            June:  Have BG signups available for KGC meeting

                        Update list of themes in binder


1.  Contact schools, request to be at open house

2.  At KGC Picnic continue with sign-up for show help


1.      Arrange for representatives to be at each open house

2.      First Week of School:

a.      Letter to teachers with picture of theme, explanation of show and encourage participation

b.      Leave flyer with entry tag at office for copy and distribution

c.       Request class list with # of each classes

d.      Prepare award certificates  (Publisher program)

3.      Reminder to schools, arrange for set-up in multi-purpose room day before show

4.      Day Before Show:  Take bottles to school, fill bottles, set up tables and cover with paper

5.      Day of Show:

a.      Organize receipt of entries, put entries on grade tables, supervise awards and ribbons, tally entries (classroom and school) and make certificate for room winner.

b.      Keep a list of all volunteers who helped  (they are to sign in at the office)

6.      Submit copies of bill to PTA, submit bill to treasurer.

7.      After show:

a.      Thank you notes

b.      Report summary including winners and student participation

c.      Recap expenses, submit to schools and treasurer

October:  Report to Garden Club and pass out thank you notes to all who helped



Sub Committees: 








Day of Show Coordinator


Day of Show Positions


Club Treasurer








The charity chairman acts as the liaison between Kingston Garden Club and the community groups in need of additional support. The chairman also is the coordinator of food donations to our local food banks through out the year.


1.      Maintain a list of community organizations to which we might contribute. The list should contain the organization name, address, contact person, and the e-mail address and/or phone number.

2.      Check with Sharenet, and Kingston Food Bank during the year and especially during the holidays as to what their specific needs are.

3.      Contact our newsletter chair, so this information is included in our e-mail newsletter.

4.      After a meeting, be prepared to deliver the collected items to Sharenet, and Kingston Food Bank.

5.      Check with the treasurer, to find out what has been budgeted for donations to the various charitable organizations.


See following page for list of community charitable organizations.

Charitable Organizations


Organization                                                Needs           

Kingston Fireworks                                        $        


Tiny Town                                                 $/labor


Kingston Food Bank                                $/food


Sharenet                                                  $/food         


Boys & Girls Club                                        $                                                        


Kingston Co-op Preschool                    $/seeds






Fourth of July
     Ascertain from the club membership a willingness to participate in the Kingston Fourth of July Kingston festivities.  Advise club treasurer a donation is in order and to be sent to the Kingston Fourth of July Chairman.  Chair the Garden Club participation in the Kingston Fourth of July Parade or any other Fourth of July activity in which the membership is willing to participate.


Plant Sale Chair


Organize and support plant sale committees:

Publicity newspapers, posters, reader boards

Raffle secure items, posters, sell/distribute tickets to sell

Potting assistance set up teams of members to assist others in digging/potting

Plant donations contact local nurseries etc., signs/poster for each

Plant pricing and labeling handout pricing/labeling information and pricing sticks

General plant sale preparation remind members to pot up plants, sign up day of

sale volunteers, arrange Master Gardner, gather materials for sale day,

KGC activity poster, etc.

Day of sale connect with all committees, reserve room, key, organize set up,

sandwich board signs, pricing posters, plant category signs, cleaning

supplies, pens, scratch paper, etc.


Secure Kingston Community Center and key for plant sale day

Store sandwich board signs, easels, posters, signs, etc.

Reports to membership at meetings








This committee is made up of the Treasurer, President, Past President and Ways & Means.





Hostess Coordinator
During the summer before the yearbook is printed, make sure each meeting has three hostesses and three door prize people.

Make sure we have all of the supplies we will need for the next meeting.  They will be stored at the church.

One week before the meeting call the 3 hostesses, so they can get together to plan the refreshments and table decorations.
The day before meeting the 3 hostesses meet at the church and set up the tables and chairs, decorate the tables and fill the coffee pot with water and fresh coffee grounds.
On the day of the meeting one hostess will be given the key to the church and will arrive at 8:30am to plug in the coffee pot.  By 9am the food should be on the table to be served to the members. 
When the meeting is over put the table and chairs away.  Also, be sure to clean up the kitchen and put everything away. 
If a hostess is unable to assist when scheduled, they need to find their own replacement and notify the hostess coordinator.   





Design of the Day Coordinator


Make sure each meeting has a person to do Design of the Day. 





1. Website: Work on adding to the written history of the club. Determine where the prior Historian left off. Examine contents of Historian’s boxes for meeting minutes, scrapbook photos, newspaper articles and artifacts from the prior years you have chosen to tackle. Write a history summary for the period you have chosen (by decades, or in any other way that makes sense to you). Provide your history summary to the webmistress along with scans of photos, etc. which you have selected as pertinent to the period you have chosen. Do as much as you have time and inclination to do.


2. Scrapbook: Receive photos of current meetings and activities from the club’s Photographer and others, e.g. Blanche Gray Shows, Plant Sale, Christmas Party, trips, etc. Use the photos, and newspaper clippings if desired, to create a scrapbook for each club season which should be ready to display at the following August Picnic. Also make the scrapbook(s) available to club members who will "man" our booth at the Kingston Town Meeting each Spring.


3. Historian’s Boxes: Safeguard the boxes of old meeting minutes, old scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, etc. Work on organizing contents of the boxes and eliminating duplicate materials. Where appropriate, preserve artifacts by taking digital photographs of same.


4. Newspaper Clippings: Clip and save newspaper articles pertaining to the club. Use clippings in scrapbook as desired.






PURPOSE:    To welcome attendees to monthly meetings; to greet, sign in and introduce guests at the beginning of meetings; to handle the door prize drawing and the sign up sheet for the monthly donors.







Photograph designs of the day and other subjects of interest to members, including photographing the Blanch Gray shows, Christmas party and other club events.  Submit digital images to the historian and to the web designer.






Monthly - Post the minutes and photographs from each meeting and update any changes that have been made throughout the year.  Create new pages as needed, i.e.. History, Job Descriptions.  April Purchase the hosting site.




Yearbook Editor/Producer


Collect and grossly proof read information from the following sources for inclusion in the yearbook:


SOURCE:                                           INFORMATION:


President                                              Introduction

Garden Quotes

Names of Committee Chairpersons

Policies for Committee Reports and Announcements


Vice President                                      Programs

Year-at-a-Glance Garden Hints Calendar

Year-at-a-Glance Club Dates to Remember


Secretary                                              List of Hostesses with Dates

List of Design of the Day Presenters with Dates

Members’ Roster


Treasurer                                             Budget


Bylaws Committee Chairperson            Bylaws with Any Changes Effected by Vote

Policies & Procedures with Any Changes Effected by Vote


Sunshine Committee Chairperson          List of Members’ Birthdays

List of Club Membership Anniversaries


Requirements for Yearbook Editor position:


1.         Basic proficiency in e-mailing is helpful but not essential.

2.         Ability to follow up for timely collection of information during summer months (after June installation of new officers and before August yearbook publication deadline).






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