Previous Grants

Aloha Wright Grants for 2012

Ms. Samantha Randall – $500
Samantha has the distinction of being our first student to be awarded monies from the Aloha Wright grant program. Grant money will be used toward textbooks and school supplies.

Village Green Foundation – $1,000
Grant is going towards helping the Kingston P-Patch infrastructure which includes soil amendments, gardening shed, tools, hoses, etc.

Kingston Co-Op Preschool – $585
Purchase of a garden box so students can plant, tend and learn about gardening.


Aloha Wright Grants for 2011

Kingston Community Beautification Committee- $500
Plants and plant material for the Kingston summer hanging baskets.

Village Green Foundation – $1000
Creation of community gardens (P-Patches) in support of families who wish to grow nutritious food.

Reed Rambough – $1,150
Reed is working toward his Eagle Scout project and has undertaken the development at his old elementary school, Wolfle. He will expand the garden area that was first started in 2007 by creating and planting a bermed area. Also included in the project is a sand play area, create/edge a garden walkway and finally topping off the garden with a layer of woodchips. Reed has the distinction of being the first individual to receive grant money through the Aloha Wright Program.

Stillwaters Environmental Center – $1000
Stillwaters is creating a living fence at the edge of the parking area. Money from the garden club will go towards the purchase of the soil tubes and plants.

Spectrum Community School – $600
A multi-year project to develop a 1.5 acre property adjacent to the Spectrum school. Students will receive hands-on experience in growing vegetables that will be used to supplement Kingston High School’s lunch program.


Aloha Wright Grants for 2010

Kingston Community Beautification Committee:
Community volunteers will refurbish and landscape the area surrounding the Kingston Chamber of Commerce office on the corner of West Kingston Road and Hwy 104.

Kingston (High School) Key Club:
This spring the Kingston (High School) Key Club is going to build and tend to a vegetable and flower garden.  Part of the plan is to install an irrigation system and start a compost facility.

Richard Gordon Elementary School:
Richard Gordon School is currently in the implementation stage of starting a “Plant a Seed” project.  This will ultimately lead to students eating foods that have been grown in the school garden.

Kingston Middle School:
Help Kingston Middle School purchase mulch for newly created beds (KGC donated money in 2008 for the initial project) in the front entrance of the school.

Kingston Chamber of Commerce:
To help purchase plants for the hanging baskets located throughout Kingston.

Kingston Village Green Foundation:
Master Gardeners and volunteers are establishing a community vegetable garden at the Village Green Community Park in Kingston.  All produce grown will be donated to the Kingston food banks.


Aloha Wright Grants for 2009

Gordon Elementary School :
Help create an infrastructure for establishing a sustainable garden at the school.  Volunteers, PTA, staff and students will be involved in working to compost, plant and finally eat the fruits of their labor.


Aloha Wright Grants for 2008

Kingston Middle School
Re-landscape the front entrance to the Kingston Middle School.  Volunteers replaced mostly dead and dying junipers and rhododendrons.  Savage Plants sold KMS plants at cost and donated the design; NW Rock donated the landscape rocks and Emu sold the soil at cost.  Other companies that donated the labor were Moore’s Works, Zimmer Construction, Ibsen and Hard Rock along with parents and students.

Downtown Kingston Association – April 2008
The Kingston Garden Club has awarded a $500 Community Beautification grant to the Downtown Kingston Association.  The money will be used to purchase ground cover and plants to beautify the planting strips along West Kingston Road.

Perennials, which will receive the excess water from the hanging baskets,  will be planted near each lamppost and the remainder of the planting strips will be filled with a ground cover called Rubus calycinoides or Ornamental Raspberry. This drought tolerant ground cover turns a vivid red in the fall and sports white flowers with amber fruits in the late spring.

The planting and maintaining of the parking strips will be a group effort by several organizations including the Downtown Kingston Association, Kingston Rotary and the horticulture class from Spectrum High School. Several businesses have contributed to the project, including Savage Plants, Emu Topsoil and McClain Landscaping.

Create a “Welcome to the Watershed” packet to help residents adjust their everyday living habits to best protect ground water quality.  Stillwaters will create and distribute earth-friendly homeowner information packets to 600 homes in this area most of them with a verbal presentation.  Packets will also be distributed to realtors to target homeowners new to the area.

Spectrum Community School:
Money will be used to go toward the purchase of a new shed so the school can grow vegetables to supplement the school lunch program.


Aloha Wright Grants for 2007

David Wolfle Elementary – 2007
Develop a native plant garden with raised beds in the shape of the sun.  The area is going to be used as an outside classroom to enforce math and science objectives.  Plants and trees will be tagged to teach students our native plants and ethnobotany as well as a love of gardening.  This area will also provide an alternative for students who prefer to sit in quiet surroundings to read and/or write.


Aloha Wright Grants for 2006

Stillwaters Environmental Education Center – 2006
Remove non-native invasive plants in the watershed of Carpenter Creek and replace with appropriate native plants.  This is one portion of a larger, funded project to place large woody debris in the salt marsh and along the lower section of Carpenter Creek.

David Wolfle Elementary School  – 2006
Renovation of nature trail and outdoor education classroom, including clearing, widening trail, re-establishing pond, paving trail for wheelchair/handicap accessibility.

Richard Gordon Elementary – 2006
The school planted bulbs and plants along the pathway from Barber Cut-Off Road to the entrance of the school.